Twine :優雅的姿態來自生活中的平凡 

21SS collection Twine 纏繞

優雅的姿態來自生活中的平凡   Digging the beauty of your daily life



Introducing the 21SS Collection, Lesis is discovering the elegance in our modern lives. From small details such as the knotted ropes on the boat to the newly grown stems in the garden, these ordinary little details may not attract too much attention, but if we slow down our pace and observe deeper, there are so many details worth exploring in our lives.

此系列仿造繩索與植物的姿態,纏繞的美感、扭曲、打結,以想像力模擬出多款纏繞樣式,進而衍生出系列作品。 簡單的線條彎曲耳釘,與耳朵前端和耳背連結在一起,就像繩索纏繞在耳朵上密不可分,其中有些是強調繩子的線條感,或是植物線條纏繞間的變化。 



This beautiful collection was inspired by observing the elements of ropes and plants, through the beautiful twisting, knotting, and braiding with contrasting gold and silver beaded materials to create two linear winding designs.

Design features: This series of necklaces have many diversified styles. Such as the layering of classic necklaces with long chains, the necklace can also make knots and have fringes which are adjustable for all styles. Additionally, the design for rings is extremely comfortable and ergonomic.

Color features: Gold and white are the colors for LESIS. This season, LESIS also added some silver elements, presenting a perfect balance between the original pearl elegance and the combination of gold.