our environmental consciousness

Our environmental consciousness and sustainable development mission deeply influenced us. As a designer with a background in landscape architecture, we are passionate about environmental protection and sustainable development. In LESIS, we try to blend natural elements and sculptural lines, integrating the concept of sustainable development. This makes us very proud because we can combine our designs with environmental protection goals. To achieve our sustainable mission, we have chosen various measures to reduce carbon emissions, such as selecting sustainable vendors for pearl cultivation, using recycled 925 silver, implementing product repair and regeneration, and redesigning the product. We believe that these measures can help reduce reliance on natural resources, reduce waste generation, and extend the life of products, making our jewelry industry more sustainable. Therefore, through the LESIS, we hope to provide a concept that integrates fashion and sustainability, conveying the awareness of sustainable development in the jewelry manufacturing industry to more people and contributing to the maintenance of the earth's environment. This is our dream and the direction we are striving for the LESIS. 


當我們設計LESIS珠寶時,我們的環境意識和永續發展的使命感深深影響了我們。作為擁有景觀建築設計背景的設計師,我們對於環境保護和永續發展充滿著熱情和感觸。 在LESIS的珠寶設計中,我們試圖融合自然元素和雕塑線條,將生活和大自然融合在一起,並且同時將永續發展的理念融入其中。這讓我們感到非常自豪,因為我們可以將我們的設計和環境保護的目標相結合。 為實現我們的永續使命,我們選擇了多種減少碳排放的措施,例如選擇可持續性廠商進行珍珠培育、使用回收的925純銀、實行產品維修再生、重新鍛金和重新設計等。我們相信這些措施可以幫助減少對自然資源的依賴,減少廢棄物的產生,並且延長產品的使用壽命,讓我們的珠寶產業更加可持續。 因此,我們希望通過LESIS,可以提供一種融合時尚和永續的理念,向更多人傳達珠寶產業的永續發展意識,並且貢獻維護地球環境的力量。這是我們的夢想,也是我們為LESIS品牌努力的方向。