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LESIS|V-day Special Combo【PRE-ORDER】

NT$ 5,680.00

V-day Special Combo

1. Rolling Rainbow Tennis Necklace + Pink Donut Earrings

2. Shine My Day Necklace + Pink Donut Earrings


- 925 Silver with zircon
- 38cm long + 2.5cm long
- Hand-crafted with love
- Keep away from water and don't wear this baby to bed

LESIS|Live in Style
Jewelry concept store

”If you were my rainbow, then I'd be your donut. “

LESIS 七夕節獨家限定套組


翻滾彩虹項鍊Rolling Rainbow Tennis Necklace:經典的彩色Tennis 項鍊,比例完美的細鏈設計。單戴就很迷人,多層次混搭,輕鬆打造專屬於妳的高級氣場!

粉紅甜甜圈Pink Donut Earrings:粉紅天然母貝搭配14K GF簡約金色耳圈,簡單不失高級時尚感,淡粉色光暈就像頰彩打亮妳的臉龐,簡單營造甜甜圈般入口即化的甜蜜七夕情人節。